New Features:

  • The Technical Support chat window has been updated to display incoming messages when the chat window is minimized and now has the ability to reconnect to a session after SWRemote has been closed or connection is lost. You can start a chat session by going into Settings.
  • The My Jobs screen has been updated to handle the display of multiple jobs in a cleaner look.
  • Users will now be able to email invoices to multiple addresses.
  • We've made some minor changes to clean up the User Interface on the Parts (Requisition) screen.
  • The Equipment screen will now display the System field.
  • The displayed name for Pricebook Item Categories on our Admin Website will now mirror the Item Category names that are in SuccessWare21.

Bug Fixes:

  • When a Visit is on an invoice, adding a Task to Declined Work will now operate correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Callback Job Number was not submitting correctly in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Manufacturer and Type were not editable when they were saved as blank fields.
  • Completing a call and selecting "No," to "Would you like to dispatch to your next Assignment?" will now correctly prompt you to perform a Timecard punch.
  • The Refresh Assignments button on the My Jobs screen has been fixed, and will no longer hide calls that are not .scheduled first. ¬†Previously it would only display one job, despite having multiple jobs and the Settings set for them to be displayed.¬†
  • You will still need to select Reload Assignments in Settings to see job changes after going 'Onsite'.
  • When a credit card is declined, the tech will now be required to either receive a Valid authorization, or change the Payment Type before moving forward ensuring an accurate Payment is listed in SuccessWare21.
  • Restricted Item Categories will no longer show when searching or browsing through the Catalog.
  • Fixed an issue where pre-built Pricebook tasks with a negative value were able to be marked as Taxable.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Assignments with no Scheduled time (just date) to display on a techs schedule. This will require a SuccessWare21 update to take effect.


Please click HERE if you need assistance with updating SWRemote. If you have trouble updating please call our support line at 1-800-566-6940

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