Yes!   The following is just a preview of what each screen looks like.  

For more in depth training materials, look at the options at the bottom of this page.


This simple walkthrough is great if you need a quick reference to what the different screens in SWRemote look like.  This is helpful for seeing what options are available on which screens (specifically the Menu Options on the left ) and you can see what Timecard Status the Tech will be punched to.

 Note:  The Time Card Status is automatically updated for the Technician as they press the Right Arrow button and advanced through a job






Moving from the 'ARRIVE' screen to the 'INVOICE' screen updates the Technician's timecard to the Onsite status.



6.  PAY






9 B.  'Confirm' Popup window

Below there is a link for a PDF document which is a complete and detailed walk through of all of the steps in a job inside of SWRemote.  Please click the button titled "SWRemote 3.4.0 Manual.PDF".  This can be printed out and distributed to Techs and Office Staff.

Or if you would like to see a video walk through, please choose the appropriate link below:

SWRemote training video, on a Tablet(40 minute)

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