Once you have forms created and published inside manage.swremote.com, have your technicians do a "Force Resync" on their devices.

Have a job setup and dispatch to it. A new menu tab should be available labeled "Applications." *NOTE* if you only have one form, this button will actually be the same name as the Form itself. 

Once inside the "Applications" tab, a list of forms are available for the tech.  They can select on their desired form to view and begin filling out said form.

When the tech is finished filling out the form, be sure they are hitting "Save" before they "Exit" so the form will be saved. *NOTE* The tech can go back and make changes to the form after they save it while they are still inside the same assignment in SWRemote.

For information on where you can view the forms filled out by technicians click here.

For information on how you can view completed forms inside SWRemote click here.

For information on how to create custom forms click here.

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