If Dropbox is connected to SWRemote and SuccessWare21, files placed into the Location Documents Folder in SuccessWare21 will in turn show up inside SWRemote.   

Here is how you can view those files in SWRemote:


  1. Click on the Customer button, located in the Menu along the left hand side.

2. Click on the Documents tab (1) in the upper right corner and then 'Files' (2)


3. Click on any of the Files in the list and they will appear on your screen. 

  • Files are viewable, not editable.
  • You can only view these files while on a call for that particular customer.
  • Files types include PDFs, Word, Excel etc.  
  • Graphics files (Jpeg, Gif, PNG) will not show up here, they will show up in the Photos section.  Click here for instructions on taking and viewing Photos



Can’t see a Document that was just added to a job from the Office?

If the Tech is on a job for the same customer, they will need to Restart SWRemote if the Document was added after they dispatched themselves to the job.

This is because theDocuments download when the Tech begins the job.  The information does not update mid job, in an attempt the save on cellular Data usage.


 For instructions on how to Link your Dropbox to SWRemote, click HERE

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