Test Connection Failed - Unexpected failure; Cannot open database "SW21_MASTER" requested by the login. The login failed (swapimgrdm103c) (10005)

This error is returned when testing SWRemote's connection to your server through SWRemote's admin website, manage.swremote.com.

***We highly recommend reaching out to SuccessWare21's tech team to assist you/your IT team with this issue***

  1. Create a new Active Directory user named SWAPIADMIN (set a permanent password that you can remember)
  2. Make this user a member of both DOMAIN ADMIN and SW21User groups
  3. Assign this account to the Successware21 HTTP Server and Successware21 HTTP Messaging services
  4. Restart the Successware21 HTTP Server service. Note that the Messaging service starts automatically. (The HEARTBEAT Service is not typically used and should remain inactive)

You can contact SuccessWare21 at 888-251-2779

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Email: [email protected]

Phone: 800-566-6940

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