In order to get the customer information to populate in Scout, you first have to first be in a job in SWRemote. It doesn't matter what step you're on within SWRemote, just click the Scout Responses button in the SWRemote menu:

Once you click on Responses, you are now in the Scout sub section of SWRemote. From here, you can now view already filled out responses or this customer.

To start a new form, simply press the big blue button in the lower right hand corner.

From here, Scout will launch, if it is not already open.  It will fill in the Customer as well as the Assigned User to yourself. 

From here you will need to select the Form you wish to fill out from the Formdropdown.  You must also tap on the Assign to admin upon completion dropdown as well.  And finally add in a simple Response Description.  

Once the above steps have been completed, go ahead and press the Save button in the upper right hand corner.

This information may be helpful as well:

How do I fill out a form?

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