Performing either one of these should restore control of the timecard to Mobile Technician.

Have the person who locked the timecard in SuccessWare21 unlock it by taking the following steps:

Log in to SuccessWare21

Bring up the Call Center

Right click over the technician's Employee Code

Select Timecard 

Check the box labeled 'Remote Control'

Click Close

Have the technician try to send through the time card punch again

Log out and log back in.  This will end the previous day's session that was still active. If it will not allow you to log out, you can terminate the app and restart it.  When you log back in, this will lock the time card.

Why does this happen?

In order for the device to modify the timecard from the field, exclusive control by the device is required.  This is accomplished by the device locking the technician's timecard when they log in.  This error means that someone in SuccessWare21 has unlocked the timecard and is making updates to it or forgot to give Remote Control back after doing some sort of update. 

This error can also occur when the technician does not log out at the end of the night and they never lose connectivity.  The session is still active from the night before and it never rolls over to the next day.

If you require further assistance on this topic, please reach out to SuccessWare21’s support team - 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-251-2779

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