How do I add items and build the invoice on the latest version of SWRemote?


A technician can add items and build the invoice in Step 4 on their mobile device.  To do this follow the steps below:

  • The tech will log-in and select the first job on their schedule and proceed putting in all the necessary information until they get to Step 4.
  • On Step 4 the technician can scan, add items, add agreements, add visits, and add discounts.  Depending on your specific device, the buttons may or may not be labeled.


Adding Items: 

The “+Item” button allows the tech to add an item to the invoice by Pressing the Catalog button or entering Text into the search field and pressing the Search button.

A.  The Tech can Press the Catalog Button and they will see the main categories displayed.  From there they can drill down into the catalog until they find the needed item.

B.  The tech can also search by item #, UPC or Description.  The full item # or UPC can be entered, or the first letter(s) or number to do a general search.

fig A.

fig B.

-item #                                               

-First few letter of the Description

-full or partial UPC code

Adding Items continued:  The tech will select an item and can adjust the price and/or quantity.  An item may be charged to any available Agreement or Warranty as well.


For more information on Add-On items, see HERE

Adding Agreement:

The “+Agree” button allows the tech to add an agreement to the invoice.  The tech can select the appropriate agreement from the “Type” dropdown box.  The fields for number of years, total amount, start date, and collected amount can all be updated on this screen.  The agreement can also be marked ‘perpetual’ and ‘taxable.’



Adding Visit:

The “+Visit” button will allow a tech to add a visit to the invoice, if there are any available on active agreements. 

Adding Discount:  

The “+Discount” button will allow the tech to determine a discount either by type, percentage, or amount.  If no discount is applicable the tech can select none. 

Removing a line item:  There are two ways to remove a line item from the invoice that was previously added. The technician can press on the red X button. Or they can click on the item to open it and inside of the Edit Invoice Item screen there is a red delete button at the bottom of the page.

*Note* You can now add a Item to the Work Suggested notes as Declined by clicking the Orange Add to Declined Work button (seen below). This will not work for Agreements or Visits.                                             

The Discountable checkbox can't be turned off by default in SuccessWare21.  If you need this turned off for a particular item, the Techs will need to manually un-check this box each time.

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